The power of energy:

Its the beginning of the day and your feeling good. You can hear the birds singing and feel the sun softly touching your skin, you think to yourself, “what a great morning”. As you settle into your office chair your boss enters, in the worst mood, shouting about how horrible things are going and he just keeps piling it on until suddenly your stress level rises and your mood changes from sunshine to storm clouds. Its hard not to let someone transfer thier negative energy to you, and yes, it can quickly and easily happen. That’s where you come in and talk to yourself with positive messages. Call it positive brain food. I often tell myself to choose my battles, and to let the little things go. I also remind myself that sometimes people are going to come around that are negative, I choose not to wear their negativity like a jacket but instead toss it in my make believe bad energy trash basket. No thanks is what I say then remind myself that I’m fine as I breath in then breath out releasing the stress.

Fill the life around you with good energy. In your home and in your friends and also in your family. Yes I choose to be around positive people who don’t suck joy out of me, but instead share their love of things beautiful and continue to try and grow and learn from my mistake rather then sit in them and be miserable. You already know what they say about misery.