How “What if thinking” can affect you mentally.

Humans are creatures of habit. Even thought patterns, whether good or bad can be habit forming. The good thing is, just like all habits, we can break negative thought patterns and what if thinking. When you constantly think about things that could happen, it makes you sad, depressed, and anxious. So in other words nothing … More How “What if thinking” can affect you mentally.

Vitamin D

I talk a lot about mental health, which is part of the reason I’m talking about vitamin D deficiency. African American skin absorbs vitamin D from the sun at a much slower rate because the melanin in the epidermal, the outermost layer of our skin makes it challenging for the body to produce vitamin D … More Vitamin D


( MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELLNESS FOR ALL AGES ) Here are some reasons to try yoga: 1: It can help with anxiety and depression. 2: Relaxion. 3: Good for All Ages. 4: Boost cardiovasular health. 5: Can tone and strengthen, depending on what type of yoga you practice. 6: Can help people with back pain … More YOGA FOR LIFE.

Gone too soon

There are certain situations that you can’t do anything about. Such as illnesses thatsome people are unfortunately born with or develope and die young from. I’m not talking about those. I’m actually talking about diseases we get with poor diet and lack of exercise and stress. My mind is blown by the amount of people … More Gone too soon