The power of energy:

Its the beginning of the day and your feeling good. You can hear the birds singing and feel the sun softly touching your skin, you think to yourself, “what a great morning”. As you settle into your office chair your boss enters, in the worst mood, shouting about how horrible things are going and he … More The power of energy:

Take a moment.

Try to tune everything out for just a few moments, listen only to your breathing. Think sweet positive thoughts, relax your body and breath deeply. Try to do this often, especially when your feeling anxious or angry. Its freeing. painting done by me years ago.

A Simple Gift

As easy as it is to simply look around and see something so beautiful and take that moment to see it for what it is, a simple gift to make you smile or exhale. We don’t always do this. As a matter of a fact, most times we don’t, we are simply too busy or … More A Simple Gift