Not just salads!!

Sometimes you just want that burger or taco, maybe even a tasty pizza. Guess what? There are healthy options to all of these.

This burger recipe from loving it vegan is awesome. If you don’t want the fuss of making the patties try the beyond meat patties they’re great as well.
I got this pizza recipe from Vegan Hugs I like to add spinach on mine for the iron benefits.
You’re probably wondering, is that meat? Yes it is. shrimp as a matter of fact. I’ve said before from time to time I will eat seafood and when I do it’s normally on a taco. This is my recipe which is pretty much simple you can see the ingredients I use garlic powder, chili powder and salt and pepper a little bit of turmeric on my shrimp which I sauté in olive oil.
A healthy gut is extremely important for your over all health. Probiotics will help get you there.

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