Rear view mirror

When we first get into a car, one of the first things we do is look into the rear view mirror. When driving we have to in order to see what’s behind us. This is part of the safety of driving. But what about in life? If we are always looking back, can we move forward? Even when were driving, if we continue staring back, were going to crash, then of course there is no moving forward. So the question is, if we are always looking back, how can we move forward?

When were driving and glance at our rear view mirror, were looking to see if its clear to change lanes most of the time right? which is a positive move to get you to your destination safely. What we dont want to do is continue to stare into the rear view mirror looking for something, because thats a sure way to crash your car and possibly end your life.

So in life, reflecting back in time for things we’ve learned that will move us foward, or memories that bring us joy, are smart and beautiful positive choices. Reflecting back on people who have done you wrong or memories in life that bring you great pain or make you angry is like staring into that rear view mirror without any idea of what’s happening in front of you.

Continue to look ahead and glance back at the things you’ve learned that will help you navigate towards something better in life, and bring with you memories that bring you joy.

Let go of anything that robs you of your deserved happiness, because after all, those things in the past can’t be undone. They happened, but dont have to continue to happen to you. So dont relive it time and time again. Choose to leave it where it is, the past.

Continue looking ahead, because you are your future, not your past. Instead use it to make you stronger and move you forward towards a happier you.

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